Markets Served by BDTI: Consumer Electronics

Signal processing lies at the heart of many of today’s mass-market electronic products for consumers. Entertainment, communications, and office products all incorporate signal processing to compress, decompress, and display digital video and imagery, to encode, decode, and amplify audio, to process and transmit voice and data, and to perform other types of processing for digital technology.

BDTI has been at the forefront of the digital revolution, helping to engineer the spread of digital technology from a specialized discipline to where it is today—deeply embedded in nearly every electronic product. BDTI has been a leader in the spread of digital technology from its beginnings in communications to its widespread use in a huge number of applications. We have helped chip vendors integrate signal processing into their products, guided system designers in selecting the most suitable technology for their products, and implemented software for a wide range of signal processing applications in manufactured products.

Example BDTI consumer product projects include:

  • For a developer of a proprietary video codec, we created optimized implementations of their video encoding and decoding algorithms that run on highly resource-constrained processing platforms. These implementations enable cell phone users in China and Korea to shoot and send compressed video.
  • For a toy company, BDTI identified and implemented image manipulation algorithms. BDTI’s code was incorporated into a child’s digital camera enabling young photobugs to play with their photos.
  • BDTI developed audio software for one of the first portable digital audio players—a device unique at the time for its ability to download and play both MP3 and RealAudio format audio.

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