Markets Served by BDTI: Communications

Communications applications are a critical market for many types of processing engines, from the low-power processors used in cellphone handsets to the fire-breathing, massively parallel processors and FPGAs used in infrastructure applications.

BDTI has been analyzing and programming the processors used in communications applications for nearly two decades, starting almost as far back as when DSPs first found their way into cell phones.

The BDTI DSP Kernel Benchmarks suite has been used to benchmark the signal processing performance of dozens of processors used in cellphones and basestations. Several years ago BDTI augmented its benchmark suite with the BDTI OFDM Receiver Benchmark, which was designed to characterize communications-specific processor performance. A major communications equipment vendor subsequently began to require its processor vendors to submit BDTI OFDM Benchmark results as part of their qualification process.

BDTI used its OFDM Receiver Benchmark to perform the first independent comparison of the communications performance of FPGAs to that of DSP processors—with results that surprised many in the communications industry. Later, BDTI evaluated the performance of high-level synthesis tools for FPGAs using the BDTI DQPSK Receiver Benchmark as part of BDTI’s High-Level Synthesis Tool Certification Program.

BDTI has helped several processor vendors enhance their processor architectures and instruction sets to better address the requirements of communications applications. Over the years we have implemented and optimized a range of communications algorithms on a range of processors, for benchmarking projects and for our customers’ products.

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